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Interesting Fact: Almost all mammals, with a few exceptions, will naturally and instinctively ingest their placentas after childbirth.

The placenta is rich in nutrients and filled with natural hormones that you quickly lose after childbirth. Ingesting the placenta helps balance that immediate loss and allows your body to slowly adapt to such a change. It is such a great way to help with postpartum healing naturally.


Placenta Service Options

* $200 Raw Method Encapsulation (I highly suggest this method) – The raw placenta is gently rinsed of blood clots. The placenta is sliced into small pieces and placed in a dehydrator. Raw is processed with as little interference and disturbance as possible to keep all of the nutrients and hormones in for you to ingest. It is believed that heat destroys and denatures important enzymes, nutrients, and hormones. The amount of time it takes to fully dehydrate is really dependent on the size of the placenta. It can sometimes take over 24 hours. Once completely dry, the pieces are ground up into powder form and packed into capsules. Capsules processed using the raw method are usually good for about a year after encapsulation, if stored properly. Most women use their pills before that time but some women wish to keep pills for later in life when stressful situations arise such as menopause or any other highly emotional life situations. If you want to keep some capsules longer you can place them in the freezer, or create a tincture out of several capsules. Raw method is said to provide a quick burst of energy and hormone balance. Average number of pills is 120-180.

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* $225 Steamed Method Encapsulation, Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine – The raw placenta is gently rinsed of blood clots. It is then gently steamed with lemon and ginger for 15 minutes on each side. The placenta is sliced into small pieces and placed in a dehydrator. The amount of time it takes to fully dehydrate is really dependent on the size of the placenta. It can sometimes take over 24 hours. Once dehydrated, the pieces are ground up into powder form and packed into capsules. The steaming is thought to add energy through the heat and helps bring out tonifying properties and promote healing. Some feel more comfortable with the TCM method because the steaming can kill any possible bacteria that may be in/on the placenta. Some people choose this method because they are truly in belief of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The steaming does shrink the placenta a bit so there tends to be less pills than the Raw Method. Average number of pills is 90-150.


$40 Raw Smoothie Packages – Small pieces of the placenta are placed in unbleached parchment paper package sections and placed in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. Once frozen and you are home, I will bring the frozen packages to you. One parchment package can be placed in a blender with desired fruit and juice for a delicious and nutritious smoothie. This gives you a quick dose of hormones and nutrients that are quickly lost after delivery of the placenta, and a quick boost of energy. Raw smoothies are used as a hemostatic to prevent/stop postpartum hemorrhage as well as reduce bleeding in the postpartum period and encourage your uterus to return to normal pre-pregnancy size. Suggested ingredients include a few pieces of raw placenta, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, a banana, orange juice, and yogurt.


$40 Tincture (I highly suggest this method) – One piece of raw placenta is cured in a jar of high quality of vodka or glycerin (your choice, vodka is the best method) for about 6 weeks (I will bring it to you when it is done). The tincture is then strained into a tincture bottle to filter out any debris. Tinctures are more for long term future use, whereas capsules are good for daily consumption shortly after birth. They are helpful per situation but not recommended for daily use. Tinctures last indefinitely if stored properly. They are said to be good for future PMS symptoms and even menopause. It can also be helpful for your child if he/she needs any emotional balancing such as after a tantrum. It can even be great for a daughter when she has her menses.


$40 Healing Salve – Raw placenta powder and calendula is infused into a high quality salve base with coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E oil, along with a few drops of Lavender and Melaleuca essential oils. This salve can penetrate deep under the surface of the skin. Placenta has been used in skincare for many years for its healing and restorative properties. It can be used for Cesarean and other surgical scars (after wounds have closed), for perineal tears (after stitches have dissolved), diaper rash, and as a general healing and skincare salve.


 *FREE* Umbilical Cord Keepsake – If possible and desired, the cord is dehydrated with the placenta. I shape it into a heart, or sometimes if the cord is long enough, I try to make initials of the baby, spell out a short name, or LOVE. It is then placed in an organza or Ziploc bag (depending on size) for you to do with what you please.


*If you would like any other herbs added to the capsules, that is your choice and I would be happy to do so. I ask that you do your own research on the desired herbs (as this is not my specialty) to make sure that you are not allergic to them, they are safe for breastfeeding (if you plan to breastfeed), and they don’t disrupt blood clotting factors. Some of the popular herbs that people have added include: nettle, red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, motherwort, lemon balm, blessed thistle, echinacea, rose hips, and st.johns wart. However, it is my recommendation that if you want to take any herbs with your placenta pills, that you just buy them separate and take them in combination with your placenta pills, so you know exactly how much you will be getting with each dose. By adding them to the placenta pills, it is almost impossible for me to make sure that each capsule has the exact same combination of herbs:placenta.


The information on this page has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The services I offer are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition.  Clients who choose to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility for using the remedies at their own risk.

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"We spoke to a number of different people and Rebecca’s process was superb in comparison to many of the other options. Rebecca only continued to amaze us. We were exceedingly impressed by her promptness! Rebecca has offered us continued support after she encapsulated my placenta; delivering tincture kits to our home and providing valuable information via email. We highly recommend Rebecca!!"